Wholesale Soy Candle Making Supplies

You want to make soy candles, but where to buy the supplies? Here I’ll guide you to some of the wholesale soy candle making supply companies that I’ve bought my wholesale candle supplies from. I’ve had great experiences with the ones that I have at the top of the list.

It helps so much if you have a soy candle making supplier nearby to save on shipping. That was a huge advantage for me as I have a wholesale supplier that I get my wax and most of my other supplies from only about 45min. away from me. So if it was going to cost more in shipping charges than gas to drive there, then I’d just go pick up my candle supplies in person.

Live in Australia?

I’ve had many people  visiting this site from Australia and asking questions, so I have included a list of Australian candle supply companies below as well. I personally do not have any experience with those companies.





So here’s the list of where to buy wholesale soy candle making supplies in the United States:

CandleSoylutions Soy Candle Supplies– Excellent wholesale soy candle wax supplier in Eugene, Oregon, and they have great prices on their soy wax, as well as lots of fragrance oils, jars, wicks and other supplies. Pretty much everything you need to start making soy candles. They are also very friendly and always try to accommodate their customers as much as possible. I will continue to buy from them for making my personal soy candles.


Candlescience  is a very popular candle making supplier. I have ordered from them and can highly recommend them.

Brambleberry Candle and Soap Making Supplies– Another excellent company. They have soy candle wax too, but I love their fragrance oils and essential oils. I have also bought some soap to try out soap making, but never got around to it….lol But they have excellent customer service as well and are located in Washington.

Wholesale Supplies Plus Candle and Soap Making Supplies– I’ve bought a few things from them and had a good experience with them but they no longer sell candle making supplies.

Candle Cocoon Candle Making Supplies, Fragrance Oils and Dyes– Oh, their fragrance oils are more expensive, but they…..are….Awesome! They are also more concentrated so you don’t use as much and they have lots of unique fragrances. If it wasn’t for trying to save on shipping by using the supplier closest to me (Candle Cocoon shipping costs are very reasonable though), I probably would have bought my fragrance oils from Candle Cocoon on a more regular basis. You must try them out!

LoneStar Candle Supply

Another respectable company that I have bought CD wicks from. I’ve heard good things about Lonestar Candle Supply from other candle makers on different forums as well.

Natures Garden Wholesale Candle and Soap Supplies

Natures Garden is very popular and they are very active and engaged with their customers on their Facebook page and Blog. I have bought a few fragrance oils from them which I was very happy with. Two of the oils are ones I had a hard time finding elsewhere, New Leather and Fresh Cut Grass. I love them both!

Northstar Candle Company

I ordered from Northstar for the first time in 2014. I had a good experience with them. Shipping was quick. The oils I received all had a pretty good throw in the candles I made. I especially love the Midsummer Night (Smells just like the Yankee Candle version!) and Christmas Song. Here is a post I posted on my FB page after receiving my order from them:

Ok, I got my package from Northstar Country Candle Co. today! Looks great. Everything was packaged nicely. And not their…

Posted by Homemade Candle Creations on Monday, May 12, 2014



 Australian Candle Making Supplies

I’ve noticed that soy candle making seems to be very popular in Australia, so I am also listing wholesale candle supply companies from there as well. If you know of any others that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know!

Aussie Candle Supplies  This is one that a lot of Australian candle makers use, from the feedback I’ve received when the question was asked on my facebook page.

Natural Candle Supply

Candle Supply


  1. Laci says

    I am just starting out in the soy candle making adventure, but I am having the most difficult time trying to get a good HOT scent throw…I get an excellent cold throw, but hot throw is nearly impossible…I have tried the scent that I bought at Michael’s craft store, but as good as the cold throw is the hot throw is nearly non-existent…I am very frustrated…I have been trying different combinations of scent and wax for a few months now and still going crazy…please help…maybe my melt and pour temperatures are what’s wrong?? I have melted at 180-190 and poured at 150-160. I add the scent at around 180…is that too hot? Why would I still be getting good cold throw…argh…please help.

    Thanks for your help,

    • SoyCandleMakingTime says

      No, 180 isn’t too hot, in fact that’s about what I add my fragrance oil at. Are you making container candles or votives/tarts? Pouring at that temp would be ok for votives and tarts, but for container candles, you want to pour at around 90-100 degrees. I also would not recommend buying fragrance from the craft stores. You would get better quality oils if you buy online from a candle supplies company such as the ones I’ve listed. Some fragrances do not have a very good hot throw in soy wax, so check out my post on fragrance oils and also my post about why you may not be getting a good fragrance throw

      It is very possible to get a great cold throw and no hot throw. It’s because when the candle is burning, the wick could be getting clogged with too much fragrance oil, or there could be too little fragrance oil. The wick could be too small or it could be too large (burning off the fragrance too quickly). What amount of oil are you adding to the wax?

  2. says

    Hi there,

    You mentioned that you add your fragrance at 180. is this for containers candles? I make container candles using Ecosoya CB-Xcel container wax and fragrance oil from Wicks and Wax. I heat the wax up to about 165, add the scent and then pour about 155 (as this is what they’re directions are), but I never get a great scent throw. Can you offer any advice?


    • SoyCandleMakingTime says

      Hi Natalie! Yes, for container candles I heat to 180 and pour at 90-100 degrees. I have actually used the Ecosoya Xcel before since I wanted to try another brand of wax. I had a really hard time with it. I don’t remember how the fragrance throw was, but I had a horrible time with it getting wet spots and looking all cracked around the sides after the candles cooled, and also getting sinking by the wick.

      I tried several different methods of pouring, but could not get my candles to turn out as nice as the Enchanted Lites container wax, so I scrapped it and just went back to using my tried and true wax lol.

      So, you could try pouring at a lower temp, or heating to a higher temp, or both. I would just try it on a small batch and see what happens. You might take a look at a few reviews I found here: http://www.candlescience.com/wax/ecosoya-cb-xcel-soy-wax

      Also, can you tell me which brand and type of fragrances you’ve tried and how much you use per pound? Sometimes it could be the fragrance oil too or the amount used.

      Personally, I don’t like that it has been molecularly modified and I think that is why I had so many issues with it. Never had those issues with my normal wax which is 100% soy wax, unmodified :)

      So that’s my 2 cents worth!

      • Natalie says

        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! :)

        I will definitely try heating it higher and pouring it lower. I also had no idea that it wasn’t 100% soy wax! :( that’s part of the reason i bought it. I’ve tried both Eco-Soya’s wax with no real luck so far. I found that their advance was a smoother finish but sank around the wick so i always had to do a second pour. The Xcel doesn’t sink as much but cracks everywhere. It had a little better scent throw, but still not decent. Can you tell me what soy wax you use?

        I make 16oz mason jar candles and I’ve used as much as 10% fragrance oil and still not had the best scent throw. The fragrance oil i buy is through Wicks and Wax here in BC.

        • SoyCandleMakingTime says

          I use Enchanted Lites soy container wax for the containers, and their votive wax for the votives. I tried the Millenium blend too, but didn’t like it as well as the 100% soy. You can actually get a free sample to try if you go to the manufacturer website: http://www.enchanted-lites.com/2a.htm . The xcel says it’s 100% soy, but that it’s molecularly blueprinted, whatever that means! Obviously, though, it makes it act differently than normal 100% soy.

          I’m not sure about those fragrances, but you might try getting some sample sizes from other brands too, just in case. There are so many variables in getting the best fragrance throw(wick, size of melt pool as well), but I’m thinking it is very possibly the wax in your case. Keep me updated! I’d love to see what ends up working for you!

          • marlene says

            can, someone help me out please… im, making soy wax candles.. i, know that it has to be 100 % soy wax.. what, is the difference between essential, and fragrance oils ? im, trying to make some highly scented smell good candles.. for every pound of wax you melt, you stir in 1 oz.. of fragrance, but find it does not smell when i burn the candle.. im, using 100 % oils from ebay.. please help me out im throwing money outta the window making candles , that do not smell.. thanks, for the advice god bless you

          • says

            Hi! So there are several reasons why your candles may not be giving a good hot scent throw. You should check out a couple of my posts here about fragrances and fragrance throw:
            Essential oils vs Fragrance Oils
            Why don’t my soy candles smell? This one is specifically about wax melts, but much of it could apply to jar candles too.
            What fragrance oils are best for soy candle making?
            Testing soy candles, Wax, Wicks and Fragrance

            So those should help with understanding fragrance throw and the different things that can hinder it in your candles, and hopefully give you some idea why your candles aren’t giving a good fragrance.

            What brand of wax are you using?
            What brand of fragrance oil and whay fragrances have you tried?
            Do the oils say they are essential oils?
            What temp do you add the fragrance?
            What temp do you pour at?
            Are you getting a good melt pool?

            I hope we can get this figured out for you so you can get to making some awesome candles!

  3. Natalie says

    Well luckily enough I do a lot of cross border ordering, so I’ll get a sample sent to blaine. I’m excited to see the difference! I’m also going to try that Candle Cocoon brand you mentioned in the other post. Her response of it making the whole house smell is exactly what I’m going for.

    Also, Laci above mentioned the hot throw and cold throw thing. I didn’t know what that meant until after she mentioned it. That is the same thing that’s happening here. My candles smell great cold, but as soon as you burn then – meh!

  4. Windi says

    Hi Natalie
    I just started making Soy Candles. Im doing well with it but haveing trouble keeping my wicks burning. Any advice on anything to do with Soy wax i would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You,

    • says

      Hi Windi, This could be due to a few different things. Are you using too much fragrance oil and/or dye? That can clog your wicks. For many soy waxes the most fragrance oil the wax will hold is up to 10%, so 1.6oz per lb of wax. I usually only use 1oz per lb or less depending on how strong the fragrance oil is.
      But the more common reason is that the wick is too small. What type of wick are you using and what size of container (what’s the diameter?).


  5. Karen says

    I am making tarts. Any suggestions on wax. I am using soy. But need help getting a great scent. Most not strong. Got a few from eBay. Please help.

    • says

      There are only a couple tart/votive/pillar waxes out there. One is Ecosoya PB and the other is American Soy Wax votive/pillar blend. I haven’t done enough testing with the Ecosoya PB to judge if the throw is better in tarts, but they sure turn out beautifully when they come out of the molds. The American Soy Wax blend is one that I just got a sample of and will be testing soon. My regular tart/votive wax I usually use was discontinued (Enchanted Lites soy wax).

      What kind did you try? How much fragrance oil do you use and where do you get your oils from?

      P.S. So sorry for the late response! I don’t think I was notified of your comment!

      • Karen says

        I still need to buy a scale . Not sure on either I used 1 oz of scent. But just want to get it right. I use to sell for Gold Canyon candles. And they were really great so would love to have close to that as I can get. I always have tarts going . So any help would greatly be appreciated.Thanks .

  6. Pat says

    Hi Melissa – Just started making container soy candles…following every word in your book! My first several jar candles are setting up but the tops look rather ‘rough’…not as smooth as I would expect. And of 4 candles, each has a tiny ‘sink hole’. Your book says to heat wax (I’m using 100% soy wax) to 180 degrees, which I did. And poured at both 95 & 100 degrees…to see if one was better than another. Any suggestions or advice?

    Love the book…great info!

    • says

      Hi Pat! Wow, I don’t remember getting notified of your comment. Sorry about that. I know it’s been a few months, but I would love to know how things are going and if you got your problem sorted out? I’m wondering what the room temperature is in the room you were pouring? I think it has a lot to do with the outer edges of the wax cooling faster than the middle. Also, pouring very, very slowly can help a bit. Which brand of soy wax did you use? Again, sorry for replying so late!

  7. Lori says

    Hi Melissa – I love your site and it’s very helpful as I’m just getting started. I see that you have a nice list of suppliers and they all have pretty good reviews. How do you decide which supplier to use? Do some have a better variety of fragrances than others? Is the pricing that different among the different suppliers?

    Also, how frequently do you need to purchase supplies? Do you do a bulk purchase that lasts a while? Or once a month / every other month?

    Thanks for any advice that you can provide, I appreciate it!

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