How to Make Wax Melts-Soy Wax Tarts-Flameless

How to Make Wax Melts-Soy Wax Tarts-Flameless


Soy wax melts or “tarts” are one kind of wickless/flameless candle. You can use soy wax melts in a tart burner such as Scentsy wickless candles (flameless), or use with a tealight burner (which would not be flameless).  They tend to give off a stronger fragrance than candles with wicks. One of the reasons for this is that you can use more fragrance oil in the tarts since you don’t have a wick to worry about clogging up.  The other reason is that the whole wax melt, melts completely and more quickly, letting out more fragrance than wick candles.

So if you don’t want a burning flame but love the fragrance that a candle gives, then you should try going with wax melts for a wonderful wickless candle. Soy wax melts have the advantage of being made with all natural soy wax and you can make them with many different colors or leave them the natural creamy white color of the soy wax. You can also use either fragrance oils or essential oils. Read more about the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils.

How To Make Soy Wax Melts

Soy Wax Melts

You basically start with the soy votive candles recipe because you will be using soy votive wax so that the wax melts will release easier from the molds.

Follow all the directions for the soy votive candles keeping in mind that 1 soy wax melt, if you are using the metal tart molds, is just a little under 1 oz, so for 12 wax melts, use about 11 oz of soy votive wax and then about 1oz of fragrance or essential oil.

For however much fragrance oil you use, decrease the amount of wax, so like I said, if you need 12 oz to fill 12 tart

molds and you use 1 oz of fragrance oil, then only use 11 oz of  soy wax. You can use a bit more fragrance oil or essential oil if you’d like.

The amount of fragrance oil that soy wax can hold is approx. 10% oil so for 12 oz of wax you would use 1.2 oz of fragrance oil. Essential oil you would usually use less because it tends to be stronger so you could probably even go with about half the amount.

So once the soy wax is heated to 190-200 degrees you can take it off the heat and let it cool to 185 degrees and then add your fragrance oil and dye. Stir well. Pour into molds at 175 degrees. Let cool, usually about an hour and then the wax melts should pop right out!

Use these tarts/melts in a tart warmer and you’ve got a flameless alternative to wick candles!


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  1. Jana Giraud says

    Hi Melissa, I have just started making my own candles and love your teaching videos. My question to you is, when you were doing this as a business, how did you go about making candles in a big enough bulk to sell at like craft fairs and such. The most I am able to do at one time is about 2 8 oz containers at a time. I thought you might have some suggestions for me.

    Thanks so much and thanks for the great videos.
    Jana Giraud

  2. Pam T says

    I had a customer return a melted soy tart. it did not cool with a smooth top, it looked like it may have bubbled or something. Is this normal? What caused it?

  3. Megan says

    I love the look of those silky smooth melts but am unsure of what wax to use, some say parrafin wax (which i believe hold fragrance better than soy wax), others say soy wax. What are your thoughts.

    • says

      Paraffin wax is a lot stronger with the oils than soy. I make soy candles, tarts and melts as well. I love the Eco Soy CB Advanced Wax with my candles and the PB Pillar Eco Soy Wax for Melts and Tarts. I use 2 oz. of Fragrance per lb. of soy wax. Hope this helps as well.

    • says

      I have been using Eco Soy PB lately and I love it. Makes absolutely beautiful melts and votives. I used to use Enchanted Lites Votive blend, and that’s what I used for the melts in the video, but it has been discontinued.

  4. says

    Can you use any fragrance oil? I am wanting to branch into making the wax melts for the wax burners, and I have a lot of fragrance oils that i use for all of my handmade soaps and bath products. Will those fragrance oils work?

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