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From creating your page to getting likes and growing your following

Set up a Facebook Business Page

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Do you want to get your business on Facebook?

Do you already have a Facebook business page but you’re stuck with a small amount of likes and can’t seem to get more people to like your page, or engage with your posts?


This online video course will walk you through creating a Facebook business page through getting your first likes and some ways to start growing your page following from there.

This is a beginner/entry level course and is perfect for you if….

  • You don’t have a Facebook page for your business yet or….
  • You have a Facebook page, but you have a small following (or none at all!) and you want to know how to improve your page and grow your following


What’s in this Facebook course?  View the outline below!

Lifetime access t0 9 videos (over an hour of instruction)……
Setting Up and Marketing Your Facebook Business Page
This course will walk you through setting up a business page on Facebook, getting your first likes and how to market your page to grow your audience even more and get the customers coming to your website!
Module 1Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page
In these lessons I will explain whether you should use a business page or a personal profile for your business and guide you through the setup process so you can start your page off right.
Unit 1Facebook Profile or Business Page?
Unit 2Creating Your Business Page
Unit 3Publishing Your Facebook Page
Unit 4Facebook Page Settings
Unit 5Adding a Cover Photo
Module 2Building Your Audience
In this module, I'll show you some ways to build your following on Facebook.
Unit 1Getting Likes Part 1
Unit 2Getting Likes Part 2
Unit 3Getting Likes part 3
Module 3Introduction to Facebook Ads
Learn how to start using Facebook ads to grow your business. In this module, I will go over the basics of Facebook advertising and show you how to get a basic ad up and running for as little as $1.00 per day.
Unit 1Intro to Facebook Ads-Finding your way around
Each video also has a comments section where you can ask me questions!


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