How To Make Soy Tealights-7 to 8 hour Tealight Candles

How To Make Soy Tealights-7 to 8 hour Tealight Candles


Today I’m going to show you how to make these wonderful scented soy tealights right at home! Tealights are excellent for using in your tealight holders whether for weddings or other special occasions. For weddings, you can even leave them uncolored because the natural color of soy wax is a creamy white.  You can leave out the fragrance oil and make them unscented, in which case you only need to heat the wax up until it is melted completely since there is no worry about making sure the wax is hot enough to incorporate with the fragrance oil and dye.

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These little tealights will burn up to 7 to 8 hours! Twice as long as Party Lite tea light candles, and even longer than that with the cheap store bought tealights in the metal cups.

I will caution though, that if you plan on burning these in an enclosed holder, you may need to use metal cups because the plastic cups can get too hot and melt. Plastic tealight cups are more for open style holders

Let’s see what supplies you’ll need: (Check out my list of favorite suppliers)

  • A kitchen scale. Digital is best, but you can use any kitchen scale.
  • A candy thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.
  • A rubber spatula for stirring the wax
  • A metal pour pot for candle making
  • A metal cooking/sauce pot
  • 1 lb of Soy Container wax
  • 1 oz of candle Fragrance Oil
  • Candle wax dye
  • 20 plastic or metal tealight cups
  • 20 tealight candle wicks

Soy Tealight Making Instructions:

Get the candle making supplies together and set them on wax paper on the work area

Set the tealight cups on the wax paper and place the wicks in them making sure they are standing fairly straight and centered.

Set the Pour Pot on the scale and 0 it out. Pour in 1 lb of the soy container wax.
Place the sauce pot on the stove and pour water into it so that it is about 1 and a half inches deep.

Set the Pour pot with the wax in it, inside the cooking pot and turn stove to medium low.
Place your candy thermometer in the soy wax. Set a timer for 10min to help you keep an eye on the wax and thermometer.

When temperature is 180 degrees, take the pour pot out and set it on the scale again and 0 it out.

Pour into the melted soy wax, 1oz of fragrance oil (by weight) and stir well.
Now add the dye before the wax cools below 165 degrees. If it has already cooled too much, just set the pour pot back into the pan of water and heat it back up to 170-180 degrees.

Stir the dye well and then let the wax sit and cool.

When the soy wax cools down to 95-110 degrees it is time to pour it into the tealight cups. Stir a few times again first.

Slowly pour the soy wax into the tealight cups. Pouring slowly makes sure that you don’t have any air bubbles.

When all the tealight cups are filled (you may have some leftover or it may not quite fill all 20 cups), go around each one and re-center the candle wicks, making sure they are straight again.

Let the soy candles cool preferably at a room temperature of 70degrees or more. (if it’s too cool, colored candles will frost)

Allow the soy tealights to cure for at least 24 hours before burning them for the best fragrance throw. Uncented soy tealights can be burned as soon as they are completely cooled.

Soy Tealight Candle

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  1. Louise says

    I watched your video on how to make tea-lights. Very informative. I have purchased some candle-making supplies in the past, but I’ve yet to try my hand, because I’m in nearly the same situation as you…. I have full care of my 94 year old mother (she lives with me) and she has multiple physical and other deficiencies so she’s in need of constant warch-care. I daren’t start a project I can’t complete. Right now she’s my primary concern. But one day…. hopefully….

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